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Now picture those same Disney beauties as if in real life —not the fake edited and diluted version of what a Disney character is suppose to represent— but really visualize what she would look like if she represented 67% of
what women all over the world really look like. Enter Jonquel Norwood, an artist who’s changing the way we think about Disney characters, one curvy Disney icon at a time!

Jonquel’s “ Magic Has No Size” series, a reimagining of the iconic Disney Princesses as modern plus size fashionistas. This series was created to celebrate the 67% of women who are unrepresented in today’s media. We love that all of the princesses are wear clothing inspired by actual plus size clothing brands also! This further highlights Norwoods quest to celebrate woman brands that dedicate time and attention to dressing curvy women.

Thanks for representing Jonquel! We will most definitely “be your quest” and share your art with the world!

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