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The American swimwear company swimsuitsforall have teamed up with international beauty Denise Bidot in a new campaign that champions the message of body confidence on the beach with the hash tags #Beachbodynotsorry and #notsorry

“It’s time to stop apologizing. I want women to feel confident and sexy by knowing that there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. Forget all the rules!” – Bidot

In the promotional youtube film Denise starts by saying “life is much better in a swimsuit” and it really is.

The bikini represents the holiday we have all longed for throughout the whole year. It is symbolic of sipping cocktails on a beach or partying until the sun comes up. The bikini says, I worked all year for this holiday and I will enjoy it.

How better to spread this message than the stunningly sexy Denise Bidot, her look on the beach is pure sensuality, reflecting the oceans waves and the clean sandy beach lines of any ideal destination.

Swimsuitsforall have made an amazing collection that steps away from the traditional stripy two piece and into the realms of fabric manipulation, Brazilian cut briefs and 50’s inspired high waist, textured numbers. It is a far cry from what is hanging in most women’s wardrobes.

So this year, take a note for the gorgeous Denis Bidot and flaunt your body in a swimsuitforall piece. Check out her film for inspiration! It makes me want to head to Heathrow right now!

check out the film here…

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