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Straight/Curve sets out to pull back-the-curtain on one of fashion’s biggest facades, that thinner is better.

In the upcoming film, that debuts June 21st on Epix, Jenny McQuaile tackles a variety of topics; fashion, beauty standards, the media’s perpetuation of these impossible standards, and the palpable impact on women, especially.

The film challenges the past dialogue of body image and features the voices of those who hope to change the beauty conversation. You’ll see individual stories of models who, with the powerful platform of social media, have been able to cultivate their own standards of beauty in an industry that has brushed them aside. – Can you say girl crushes? Absolutely. There is also commentary from doctors and institutions that dive into weight, fat, and the myths of obesity. And shifting fashion education to change long standing design methods that omit the majority of women. These interviews are powerful. The lack of diversity in media is directly related to how this future generation views their value.

There is still a long way to go but look to the future for change. This film and the pioneering individuals involved are sparking a movement where diversity in advertising and media is normal, and fashion really is for the every-woman. Soon we will live in a world where beauty isn’t only skin deep and the clothes don’t make the person. Straight/Curve is a love letter to every person who has ever felt like they weren’t good enough.

The film is directed by Jenny McQuaile and produced by Jess Lewis and Yael Melamede.


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