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Armory Art Week kicked off with Spring/Break Art Show accompanied by sky high views overlooking Times Square. The overall theme of this year for the curators was: Black Mirror – “dualities of the artist revealing too much or not enough of the self.” Personally, I really bonded with this theme because I feel life is a facade, we have many faces via social media: how we perceive ourselves on the internet versus how we really are in real life.

One of my favorite rooms was one titled: “I’ll Be Happy When,” by Jonathan Rosen and curated by Alessandra Oebenedetti. This room had an interactive mirror with rapidly moving words. You had to capture a shot with your phone where it would freeze one of the phrases which you can interpret into your own self meaning.

Another interesting artist, Michael Gittes, created a heat- sensitive painting. While he held a lighter to the painting, the real message was revealed underneath the black facade. Another installation (not pictured), Gittes had a white wall but when sprayed with water, words gloriously resurrected to the surface.




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Photography: Sonya German

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