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When Nike made the headlines earlier this month for launching its first size plus size collection, the team at Curva were excited to hear that the iconic brand has made this move. But unfortunately for the sports brand, they have since been attacked for “supporting obesity”.

Trolls have taken to social media to shame Nike for releasing a range dedicated to plus-size people. Comments have ranged from ‘Size does matter’ to ‘Should they not be promoting a healthy lifestyle?’ – But isn’t that exactly what Nike is doing?


The line features gymwear from supportive sports bra to stylish leggings and sweaters for a market that is heavily neglected when it comes to sports fashion.

Nike’s move to expand their size range proves that there is a market in need of this. But the body shaming reactions that have stemmed from the collection, shows that there’s still a long way to go in promoting all body types in fashion.

Blogger Grace Victory, who features in the campaign alongside blogger Danielle Vanier, models Palomas Elesser and Naomi Shimada and athlete Amanda Bingson, took to Twitter to shut the shamers down: “Fat shaming me and my girl on our Nike campaign is hilarious. We be laughing all the damn way to the bank.”

And she is right! Because the range is set to be hit – so don’t let the fat shamers stop you and check out the collection here


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