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Diversity is the word du jour. There’s no denying that people want variety in the fashion industry and it’s not variety for variety’s sake or positive discrimination. Instead, it’s variety for the sake of celebration. As far as cliches goes, variety being the spice of life might just be our favourite.

A pioneer of this school of thought is the wonderful designer, Anna Scholz. With her ethos being, “celebratory rather apologetic”, her designs are dynamic and yes, you guessed it, diverse.

Heading up Anna’s autumn/winter campaign for 2015 is the beautiful Nicola Griffin. A plus size model and over the age of 50, Nicola is synonymous with confidence, grace and power.

Combining her striking looks and Anna’s impressive designs was always going to be the key to success. The pictures and aesthetic are both strong and feminine. This is a campaign embodying the strength of the female body and we at Curva couldn’t be more impressed.

Scholz has a clear vision of what constitutes good tailoring for plus size women. Designing for sizes 16 to 28, her timeless monochrome collection focuses on complementing the female shape in a range of rich and luxurious fabrics.

With women such as Joan Didion and Helen Mirren heading campaigns for world famous fashion labels, it comes as no surprise that Nicola was chosen to be the face of this incredible collection.

Proving that all shapes, sizes, ages, races and genders are beautiful, this is collection to talk about, by women that we should all celebrate.

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