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Every season something happens in the fashion world that takes our breath away. It’s that one moment that makes everyone sit back and think. The wow moment. The fashion duende. You can’t put your finger on it, you can’t explain why but that’s the difference between logic and magic.

With Milan Fashion Week under way, we can’t help but take a minute to reflect on Ashley Graham’s standout moment at New York’s spectacle.

On the Addition Elle catwalk, the plus size model donned her own underwear design of striking sheer black lace. Within seconds images were sent around the world and her body was the topic on the tip of everyone’s tongue. With #IAmSizeSexy trending globally, a conversation that has been gearing up for a while is now in full throttle and we at Curva could not be happier about it.

Ashley’s silhouette is a reason to smile. In a shift towards plus sized models, hers is a face that is popping up on coffee tables everywhere. Having appeared on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour, Graham is a symbol of celebration and empowerment.

In conjunction, the online men’s fashion magazine, Fashion Beans, revealed survey results suggesting that 73% of British men and women agreeing that a curvaceous figure is preferable to a stick thin and androgynous frame normally used on the fashion catwalks.

In a world where nuclear bombs threaten our welfare and we are yet to find a cure for cancer, to think that a female body roughly a UK size 14-16 can make the headlines is quite mind blowing. A lady in underwear has made fashion week history.

However, with hashtags and campaigns giving us all hope that things are shifting towards fashion diversity, the darker effects of aesthetics and body image are still present. 90% of the women surveyed by Fashion Beans to either currently being on a diet or having been on one over the last 6 months. We are yet to reach the point where women are content in their own body, be it at the slimmer or curvier end of the spectrum.

Despite insecurities and beauty misconceptions still in existence, the last couple of weeks in the fashion world have indicated a palpable development that fills us all with hope. Things are changing and our foot is firmly on the pedal. You can feel it in the air. Some call it the wow moment.

Me? I think it might just be magic.

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