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Front row at the Lan Yu Fall/Winter 17’ collection was like a romantic dream with a dark elegant twist. Using soft fabrics both in color and material like the silk robes to the velvet and lace slip dresses. Bringing out the feminine and softness that Lan Yu loves to exhibit in women. Accessories include a satin ribbon tied in the models hair with painted neon green/pink eyebrows. This collection has a certain sweetness with floral embellishments pinned on coats and on their collar. Not only was the show a hit, the music was trendy with sounds by Bonobo.

Being one of China’s top 10 designers, Lan Yu is determined to change the name Made in China. China is a fast fashion giant where thousands of garments are pumped out of factories but Lan Yu wants to change that belief. “Both Lan Yu and China have markets that want one thing in common- quality garments”, says CEO Nicole Zhao and Lan Yu is catering to this. She exceeds our expectations with her expertise in Suzhou embroidery, a Chinese embroidery technique that was passed from her great grandmother down the bloodline to her. Even though Lan Yu does not use her embroidery skills in all of her garments, she puts in the same devotion of artistry in every design she produces. Lan Yu is an inspiration to all women so make sure to lookout for her because she will be making waves in the fashion industry.

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Photo Credit: Rick Hardy

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