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Media personality Jameela Jamil has never been one to bite her tongue when it comes to the fashion industry.

The 29 model and former Radio 1 presenter from London has positively used her voice to influence the way the fashion industry is viewed.

With honesty and integrity, she has revealed some of her darker experiences as a model in order to educate her young fan base as to what it means to be successful in such a cutthroat industry.

Photograph Courtesy of @officialjameelajamil // Instagram

Speaking recently to The Huffington Post UK, the Simply Be designer said, “When I was a model at 15, I was eating one red pepper a day, and if I had a big day of casting, I would survive off a bag of haribo, which gave me the 500 calories a day that would keep me alive.”

She goes on to describe how her weight has fluctuated from a UK size 6 to an 18 over the years. Her candid depiction of the difficulties she has faced as an Asian model at both ends of the spectrum is both brutally poignant and inspiring.

“Who got to decide that flesh was not beautiful, that love handles and tummies weren’t sexy and womanly, that a wheelchair didn’t just make you a woman who was sitting down, that walking aids or hearing aids subtracted from the right and ability to be deemed attractive?” asks Jameela.

“Who decided that none of these things could allow you to be a fantasy?”

With nearly 30k followers on Instagram and 173k on Twitter, Jameela, fondly known as Jam Jam is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her influence in popular culture.

She says, “at no point in my thirty years, have I ever felt truly represented by the fashion industry.”

Adding, “I’m so embarrassed for the fashion industry.”

With yet another voice speaking out about the unattainable standards in society and the lack of diversity and representation in the industry, Jameela is yet another person calling for change. A change we at Curva can definitely get on board with.

All hail Jameela!

Quotations from The Huffington Post UK

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