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To celebrate the DVD release of The Huntsman: Winters War. We caught up with with Pati Dubroff, one of Hollywood’s most respected makeup artists, and a distinguished leader in the beauty industry and makeup artist for Charlize Theron in The Huntsman: Winters War.

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What inspired you to become a Makeup Artist?

I was the kid at 10 years old I was sat in front of my mother’s makeup mirror and was completely fixated on the little pots and colours and tubes, and the power that they had to change the face. So, I was always the one you know, to have the opportunity to do make up on anyone I could, which meant my friends, my mother and my mother’s friends.

I always just remember loving  watching a face come alive through the power of makeup, and then as I have done makeup over the years, what continues to inspire me to do it, is seeing people when they see themselves in the mirror and they see that what their looking at is something beautiful and how it uplifts their spirit.

What was the inspiration behind Charlize Theron makeup in the The Huntsman: Winters War?

The character had been established, and we know that she is evil so it was really bringing out her evil beauty that was the inspiration. Making her look like a beautiful evil, and almost like other worldly.

The best beauty advice you have been given?

Always apply makeup in front of a window, using natural light when possible. It changes everything, because if you’re doing you’re makeup in a poorly lit environment, you either under compensate, or over compensate. But when you do it in natural day light, you have a very true read of what it looks like and what it’s going to look like in other rooms. It always looks good if you do it in natural light. So people need to get out of your bathroom and go sit by your window.

What are your top makeup tips for our Curva readers?

The big tip is not to be swayed by what’s happening on social media. There is a lot of over the top, heavy makeup going in those wolrds, to let more natural glowing healthy skin shine through as oppose to putting on heavy masks.

What advice can you give to any aspiring Make-up Artists?

Just paint as many different faces as you can, to gain more experience in being versatile.  Some people call themselves makeup artists and all they do is put make up on themselves, film it, then call themselves a makeup guru and that not a makeup artist. A makeup artist is one who knows how to approach different faces, all different skin tones and skin types, so having the opportunity to practice and be skilled in versatility.

Also knowing fashion references and historical beauty references, not just using what’s happening on social media as a guide. If someone was to say what does film noir beauty means, you need to know it at the top of your head. If you here Jean Shrimpton, you need to know this off of the top of your head, and what that means in terms of makeup.  What is the difference between the 40’s and the 50’s and the 60’s in terms of makeup. It’s hugely important to understand those references because it helps give you a clue as to how the face evolves and changes.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

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