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Gypsy Sport’s F/W ’17 collection was a real fashion upsurge beyond Skylight Clarkson Square. Fashion is a way to express yourself, whether it is how you showcase your personal style or in this instance, to make fashion aficionados aware of a huge problem: people living in the street.

Rio Uribe gave us a lowdown of his collection at the beginning of the show. He wants to celebrate life and all different types of people: “gay, Muslim, drug lords who live on the street because someone didn’t give them a chance.”

With tribal drums starting off the fashion show and models wearing camouflage, long dreaded hair and found looking materials. Makeup was executed splendidly by Mac Cosmetics with their lipstick in a smudge looking, unkept manner. Tie-dyed fabrics created a street kid look like something you’d see on Haight-Ashbury. Other interesting pieces were space blanket dresses and long, hooded jackets fashioned after the tents hoisted in the middle of the runway.

This show gave us a different view of fashion week rather than the trendy or pretty. It gave us an enlightening scope of what millions of street residents encounter daily and it is not what the fashion world brings light to. Uribe always illustrates a showcase with a meaningful message, a strong statement. So if you see someone not as fortunate as yourself on the street, even if you have nothing to give, give them a smile. 🙂


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