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Anybody using the social media platform Instagram knows about it’s protocols on nudity: since the #freethenipple campaign became a success the debate over the portrayal of women’s bodies is a topical one.

Instagram is taking another precaution to try and control images that may violate their terms. This time a block on certain hashtags. In particular the hashtag #curvy has come into the spotlight and is now unsearchable on Instagram!

Curva invited an Instagram spokesperson to comment, they said: “The decision to block this hashtag has nothing to do with the term “curvy” itself…In this case, #curvy was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.”

It isn’t a completely logical explanation but it does raise some questions. The hashtag #skinny isn’t banned for instance. Is being curvy synonymous with being overtly and explicitly sexual? You can also find pornographic content on a multitude of hashtags. The hashtag #hot is searchable and much more relatable to pornographic content than #curvy is. But of course you couldn’t block that because the word hot applies to so much more than nudity.

The same applies to the word curvy.
Instagram also ultimately don’t seem to be doing a very good job blocking nudity so it doesn’t seem fair to block a word that actually promotes things such as healthy body image, fashion, curve models and self confidence.
So what is your opinion? Should Instagram have banned the hashtag #curvy or is it imposing another limit on women’s bodies and perpetuating what kind of body is and isn’t acceptable in the media?

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