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You may have seen on our Instagram that we are running a competition to win two copies of the ultimate style bible ‘The Art of Dressing Curves’ for curvaceous women written by Susan Moses. A stylist to some of the most iconic shapely women in music, film and fashion. Susan’s clients have included Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Queen Latifah, Brandy, Kathy Bates, Wynonna Judd and many others.┬áThe Art of Dressing Curves encourages confidence to embrace curves and dress to express personality.

The Art of Dressing Curves includes:

  • More than 250 fashion photographs and inspirational quotes by well-known plus-size celebrities and models
  • Complete guides to a full range of shapewear and bras
  • A list of wardrobe essentials for every body type and personality style
  • Tips on how to wear styles and patterns – such as horizontal and stripes and all white – once thought to be out of a curvy woman’s reach
  • How to prepare for a special event, from selecting and tailoring attire to accessories and make-up

Now all you have to do is show us your outfit of the day and use the hashtag #curvascurves. The competition will run for three weeks ending on Tuesday 24th May at 3pm, and the best four #ootd will be shortlisted. The two with the most likes wins!

Good Luck everyone!

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