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TOWIE’s Chloe Lewis is the new face of Collection Make-up’s Deluxe Lipsticks. She talk’s on how to achieve the perfect nude lip, her guilty pleasures and gives us a bit of advice on body confidence.

You are known for a nude lip, what are your tips for application?

I wear a nude lip all year round – it’s my trademark! To apply I first prep the area by using a neutral conceal around the lips, either applied with a finger or a beauty blender. Then I apply a lip liner, either Charlotte Tilbury or a MAC one, then I applied a nude lip like the COLLECTION DeLuxe Lipstick. If I’ve got a tan I’ll use the coral Sundance shade, or if I’m feeling pale I’ll go for a light pink nude such as BabyDoll.

How long does it take you to get ready? For a normal day? A night out?

I get ready so quickly! On a normal day I’ll usually take 15 minutes to do my make-up and 10 minutes for skincare. If I wash my hair it will be an extra 30 minutes. I usually do quite similar nautral looks for night time too so I really only ever take an hour tops – I’m really speedy!

Who is your beauty icon?

My beauty icon is Jessica Alba – she’s so beautiful she makes me sick! I love her fresh, effortless look, and she has the best eyebrows!

What is your handbag beauty hero and why?

I don’t go anywhere without my COLLECTION DeLuxe Lipstick in BabyDoll – it’s the perfect nude lip and goes great with any make-up look! When I’m out and about I always carry a tub of Kiehls Super Multi-Corrective Moisturiser which I apply on top of my make-up to make my skin look glowy and awake. I also carry a tube of Nivea Soft Moisture Cream in my bag as it’s cheap and you can use it anywhere your skin needs moisture.

What is your daily skincare regime?

I’ve recently overhauled my skincare regime and have started a completely new one. I went to see a skincare specialist who prescribed me with the Obagi range. I suffered with acne when I was younger and have a tiny bit of scaring so I’m hoping to clear that up with this new regime! Before I changed my routine I used a lot of Kiehls products in my routine.

What are your thoughts on the COLLECTION Deluxe Lipsticks?

I always wear a nude lip so I was really excited when COLLECTION launched their new nude DeLuxe Lipstick shades. All of the colours are really easy to wear and are the great finish to your daytime make-up look. With 5 to choose from you can match the shade perfectly to your skin tone.

What are your favourite shades in the range and why? 

Sundance is my absolute favourite shade of the COLLECTION DeLuxe Lipstick range – it’s such an easy colour to wear and is perfect for summer.

What are your tips for achieving the perfect pout?

My tip for achieving the ultimate pout is to always use a lip liner! Applying a lip liner before putting on your lipstick gives it serious staying power and creates a natural, defined lip.

 How do you keep fit?

It’s really hard to fit in exercise around my filming schedule but I like to run in between shoots and go to the gym as much as I can to keep fit. I like to mix it up with a Bikram Yoga class once a week – I find it leaves me feeling really good and positive within myself.

COLLECTION Cosmetics 1920’s inspired photo call held at SoSPA - Arrivals Featuring: Chloe Lewis Where: London, United Kingdom When: 04 May 2016 Credit: Lia Toby/

Photo Credit: Pegasus PR

What food is your guilty pleasure?

Cookies and biscuits are my guilty pleasure – I snack on these constantly! I know they’re full of sugar but I can’t stop myself!

What’s your tip for body confidence?

Being confident in your own skin is the key to feeling great – being confident and carefree is the best thing that you can be.

What do you eat on a typical day?

If I’m being good I’ll have Weetabox in the morning, Tuna salad for lunch and white fish and veg for dinner. I do have cheat days where I eat toast with peanut butter skippy in the morning and then a massive spaghetti bolognaise for dinner!

Who do you think has the best beauty style out of the TOWIE girls?

Georgia Kousoulou has great style – she’s like a Kardashian! She always funks it up and plays around with her looks. Kate Wright always looks great – she’s majorly sexy! Lydia Bright has such a classic style and looks immaculate. I love all three of those girls.

What are you summer wardrobe staples?

A pair of denim shorts are my summer staple – they go with everything! I love wearing playsuits on hot days as you don’t have to think about it – you don’t have to match anything to it or worry about your outfit.

Who is your style crush?

My ultimate style crush is Olivia Culpo – she’s out of this world! Everything she does, from her make-up to her dress sense, looks amazing! I also love Jessica Alba, she’s so effortless!

Have you had any fashion faux pas?!

I think everyone has one thing that they’ve worn that makes them cringe! I once wore a cut out white swimsuit that wasn’t the most flattering and a paparazzi caught me at a really awful angle! Sometimes covering up is better than showing off! You can’t really go wrong when you cover up.

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