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Taylor Swift is the girl we’re always talking about.

If she’s not holidaying with Scottish hunk, Calvin Harris, she’s falling off treadmills, dancing around her living room with a cat, and smashing world records at the Grammy’s. All of which she somehow managed to do with a girl next door innocence and charm.

Well, not anymore. This month Tay-Tay’s American Vogue cover hit the stands and boy, has she grown up. Who knew that a Blondie style barrette¬†could do so much?

Photograph rights: Vogue

Photograph courtesy of Vogue

Photographed by the uber talented Mert & Marcus, the May cover sees Miss Swift in a sexy silver slip dress and 70’s style platform heeled boots. Her tousled bleached locks, however, are the talking point. Styled in a nonchalant, ‘I-don’t-care’ way, Taylor’s look is fresh, young, and bold.

Proving that the look can be both fashion forward and romantically nostalgic, it’s the ultimate style paradox.

Perfect for the summer months ahead, it screams fun. There’s something almost joie de vivre about it. You’re meant to look like you’ve spent hours on the beach under the sun squeezing lemon juice on your tresses whilst building sandcastles.

It’s the look of days gone by, Miami dreams, and teenage kisses. If ever there was a summer colour to lust after, this is it.

Photograph courtesy of @taylorswift // Instagram

Photograph courtesy of @taylorswift // Instagram

What is more, the look is versatile and does not limit you to festival fun and beach days. Slicked down with a strong red lip, it will take you effortlessly through boardroom meetings without being boring or predictable.

So, if you’re looking to vamp up your do and be brave, embrace Taylor’s look and opt for the chop. Mark our words, her brave new aesthetic cements this lady as purely iconic.

Photograph rights: Vogue

Photograph courtesy of Vogue

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