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In 2008 Angel Sinclair had a vision. This manifested into the recently registered charity, Models of Diversity.

Calling on the fashion industry to celebrate the beauty of diversity, they implore the inclusion of ethnic, older, larger and smaller sizes, disabled, and non-binary gender models.

At a dinky 5ft, Sarah O’Rourke is the petite ambassador for the charity and recently partook in their fabulous campaign.

She shared her inspiring story with Curva and some stunning shots of the shoot in London….

Sarah talks with joy of the hope Models of Diversity gives her as a smaller model in an industry that fails to accept those that do not meet certain measurements.

Sharing her enthusiasm for the charity is British heavy weight lifting champion and amputee, Ross Austen.

Recently kicking off his career as a model and joining the shoot he said, “I had a great day at the Models of Diversity photo shoot in London, and was made to feel very welcome.

… I think what they do is great and shows that no matter what disability or body type you have there is no reason why there should not be more models like this in the fashion industry.

It was great to be part of the day and I look forward to supporting and working with them in the future.”

In a series of fun and candid photographs, Sarah, Ross, and the girls prove that confidence is the most beautiful thing in a shot.

Sarah said, “Model of Diversity gave me inspiration to fight for the rights of all people who are not represented in all different media.

We share the same principles as Curva.

We promote that confidence and beauty comes from inside you every one is beautiful in a very unique way.

Angel’s tireless work and dedication is certainly starting to get people’s attention. Proving that if you shout loud enough, people listen.

Sarah said, “my end goal would be to see everyday people who have confidence in themselves to go out and strive to achieve so much confidence they will not wish to look like the person they see on the runway in UK but are proud and can say ‘if they can do it so can i ‘ without the restrictions and red tape.”

All of the work this charity does with the fashion industry, the models and even some of Britain’s top modelling agencies is about working together to achieve the ultimate goal of equal representation and diversity.

The fight for fashion diversity continues. With every fashion shoot and article written, the dream seems more and more achievable to individuals such as Sarah and incredible charities such as this.

However, underpinning it all is their hope that things will one day be equal for everyone. Their steadfast determination and refreshing ambition is undoubtedly enough to shape the fashion industry and society’s attitudes towards beauty.

Frankly, we at Curva couldn’t be more inspired by their vision. We salute you, Models of Diversity.

Model Credits:

Sarah O’Rourke
Elesha Turner
Elizabeth Collier
Kereen Hurley
Corrine Marie Lee
Amy Ivy Ellise
Elesha Turner
Ross Austen
Photographer- James Lyon
Stylist- Chiara Mannarino
MUA- Karen Salandy and Caterina Mannarino
Hair Stylist -Fiona Chaffey and Sara Austin
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