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After an indulgent weekend of Easter eggs and hot crossed buns, we’re all starting to  get excited about summer. Through the flowers of spring, we look to the warmer months of bikinis and hot days that seem to last forever.

Last year, as we prepared for beach and BBQs, a great deal of discussion occurred as society contemplated what it meant to be “beach body ready”.

Images of toned abs were plastered across campaigns ads, causing disgust among people everywhere that one must look a certain way to don a bikini and hit the beach.


The result of such ideologies are to be seen in every section of society. In its latest state of the nation report in which they surveyed 2000 women over 50 years old,  JD Williams found that women were said to feel most negative about body parts including their stomach (62%), arms (33%) and thighs (26%).

This year, however, people are fighting back and proving that actually, nothing should ever stop you from stripping down to your itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini and soaking up the sun.

Collaborating with the incredible Melissa Odabash, 63 model Angie Best, is modelling the latest collection of summer wear for the brand JD Williams.

Teaming beautiful patterns with flattering cuts, this year’s Sea collection is both on trend and yet, somehow manages to tick the ‘eternally stylish’ box quite perfectly.


“My collection for JD Williams is specifically designed to fit and flatter the mature figure,” says Melissa, “so women over the age of 50 feel fabulous when wearing it.”

A sensitively thought out collection of high waisted briefs, hidden support, clever cuts, and eye-catching designs, the bikinis and one pieces allow for all shapes, sizes, and ages to feel as sexy as they look.

As if that wasn’t enough, the collection is littered with gorgeous beach cover-ups inspired by the coast using rich colours and delicate prints.

“I took inspiration from my travels and favourite beaches to create prints that emulate waves and the bright blue palette of the sea.” says Melissa.


Model, Angie Best, is fiercely proud of her collaboration with the label.

“I’m so thrilled to be modelling the Sea by Melissa Odabash range for JD Williams and, most importantly, that the images are a true reflection of my body, wrinkles and all!” she says.

What Angie touches on is the age old worry of women everywhere that they are “too old” to pick beautiful beachwear. Instead of shying away and picking something to cover up, she reveals her gorgeous body and proves to everyone everywhere  that confidence is the most key to true beauty.


“Women shouldn’t have to feel like they need to hide away on the beach once they hit 50 and this range proves that,” she says,  “I hope women see these pictures and feel inspired to jump into a bikini or one-piece this summer!”

As if the collaboration’s inspiring philosophy wasn’t enough, the shots of the collection speak for themselves. Empowered, classy, and truly fashionable, this is a collection not to be ignored as we shake off the winter blues and run towards the dizzy days of summer months.

Grab your bikini and head for the beach, ladies. You really don’t have anymore excuses!

To view the collection, head to


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