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As U.S. Fashion Editor For Curva Mag, I am fully committed to informing our readers on Curva’s message on diversity and educating them about our platform. As of late, people have assumed that Curva is solely a full-figured magazine because of our name—CURVA.

I often like to think of Curva as the “curveball” in the industry—the first publication of its kind to give attention and focus to ALL women of the world! Skinny, pear-shaped, hourglass, curvy, voluptuous, no matter what shape you are, we will always praise women for the curves they were blessed with. We are all blessed with curves right? Some maybe more than others but we as women all have curves that want to be embraced and loved!

A few issues back I wrote an editor’s note introducing myself and what I wanted to contribute to Curva. In that letter I first acknowledged how Curva is unlike any magazine of its kind —in that I am able to contribute compelling fashion content as well as highlight women of all shapes and sizes. I also pointed out that while some magazines highlight only full-figure women and some only straight-size women, Curva gives readers the best of both! Our goal is to have women from around the world, no matter what shape or size, to be able to relate to our stories and our message.

We like to relate to all women and want the talent to we place on our covers and editorials to be relatable to our readers. Today as I was reading an article in the Mirror (UK) about how Vogue Magazine allegedly photoshopped Ashley Graham’s cover photo I was saddened. Ashley, the voice for curvy models all across the country had been photoshopped to fit a narrative. No shade to Vogue, but I’m honored to work for a magazine that truly appreciates diversity in its fullest form. Curva Magazine will continue to fight for REAL diversity in media making all shapes and sizes the NORM!

(Photo: Inez and Vinoodh/Vogue)

(Photo: Inez and Vinoodh/Vogue – Copyright Unknown)

We as women should NEVER have to hide our bodies or feel ashamed! A plus-size Model who fights for diversity should never be photoshopped to the point of looking like her thinner counterparts. It’s a shame that Vogue isn’t truly encompassing an “all inclusive” platform in media. Imagine how powerful we could all be in changing the face of fashion if we learn to accept women for who they are. We ARE WOMEN! We are BEAUTIFUL!

Curva readers are not “ONE SIZE FITS ALL”!!! We want to change the face of advertising to be more inclusive and diverse, making diversity the NORM! Curva will always promote diversity in its pages from cover to cover because being different is what makes this world amazing and unique.

Our platform is self confidence. Our message is love. Our strength is in diversity!

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