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The Immune System

Eating the right foods and nutrients boosts your body’s immune system and helps it to protect you against ill health and disease. The body does this by increasing the amount of white cells that the immune system has at its disposal to help fight infection.

Here is my Top 10 Nutrients

Vitamin C – This easily accessible vitamin increases the body’s production of infection fighting white blood cells and antibodies.

Vitamin E – This vitamin stimulates the production of hunter or killer cells, those amazing cells that hunt down and destroy germs and kill cancerous cells throughout the body. Vitamin E also enhances the production of B-cells, the immune cells that produce anti-bodies that destroy and eliminate harmful bacteria.

Carotenoids – Beta carotene increases the number of infection-fighting cells, natural killer cells, and helper T-cells, as well as being a powerful antioxidant that mops up the excessive free radicals that accelerate the aging process. The body converts beta carotene to vitamin A, which itself has anticancer properties and immune-boosting functions.

Zinc – Zinc is an incredible mineral that increases the production of white blood cells. These white blood cells fight infection and the zinc helps them fight more aggressively. Zinc also increases the amount of killer cells that fight against cancer and viruses and help white cells release more antibodies.

Omega 3 – The omega 3 fatty acids in flax oil and fatty fish (such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel) act as immune boosters by increasing the activity of phagocytes, the white blood cells that eat up bacteria. Essential fatty acids also protect the body against damage from over-reactions to infection.

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