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It is the setting for the most glamorous scene in The Devil Wears Prada and the most gorgeous of introductions to one of Woody Allen’s most recent films.

Paris. One word conjures so many images.

Filled with lovers, fashionistas, intelligentsia, tourists and normal citizens peacefully living their daily lives, Paris is always a hive of activity.

Admired the world over as the city of love, la Ville Lumière is iconic for its beautiful buildings, culture, diversity and most importantly, it’s joie de vivre. This is a city built on creativity, liberty, dynamism, tradition and vision.

On a normal morning in the French capital one might walk down a quintessentially Parisian boulevard and smell the buttery croissants and coffee being consumed as the world fuels itself to start the day.

There is nothing beautiful or magical about such a routine until that routine is broken.

On Friday the 13th 2015, the city of light was shrouded in darkness as terrorists stormed the city centre. As the world watched the events unfold on television, radio and via social media, innocent Parisians in cafes, restaurants and theaters were brutally murdered.

At the time of publishing this blog it is estimated that roughly 130 citizens were killed in the attacks.

48 hours later and the true horrors of the attacks are still being learned by the authorities. People are still missing. Loved ones continue to look for their families in the blood filled streets of the capital. The world remains in shock.

As #prayforparis trends on social media, the world stands united in the name of fraternity, freedom, respect and equality. We send hope and love and prayers to those suffering, not only in Paris but in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and all war torn, fear ridden countries.

War is temporary but love is unconditional and hope will always prevail.

Vigils, peace protests and messages of support are being sent from each corner of the earth with major political figures and religious leaders condemning the attacks. Christians, Jews, Muslims and every other religion remain fortified in the face of terrorism.

With time the people of Paris will once again spill out into the boulevards to chat over croissants and coffee. Fashion weeks from Paris will fill the pages of magazines. Love stories will continue to be set on the banks of the Seine. Music lovers will enjoy concerts in the Bataclan. People will eat in the restaurants and laugh over a glass of wine on a Friday night.

Life will be lived and not because the horrors of this week will be forgotten but because humanity refuses to succumb to the climate of fear that terrorists hope to create. We will live peacefully and richly in the face of adversity.

Curva stands with you all.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.  

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